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Version 1.0
Sales of this application ended.

iphone In this application the visual theme is
the Kanji, a familiar image in increasing worldly demand of Japanese culture today.
Users are able to choose from over 1945 Kanji characters to be decorated on selected
back grounds, designing cool custom wallpapers.
All characters could be searched or chosen by the "Meaning" "Pronunciation" "Stroke Count",
and by previewing the characters in the process of customizing, desired image for wallpapers
can be achieved.

[Main function]
- Search Kanji from "Meaning" "Pronunciation" and "Stroke Count".
- Choose background from 11 images or from "Photo Albums".
- Characters in the color of black or white available.
- Sound effects could be in function optional by ON or OFF.
- Indication for the meaning and pronunciation are available.
- Move images by dragging the characters to decorate and placed.

[Included characters]
1945 characters (Joyo Kanji)


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